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New Blog Post - Enjoy. Inspiration and Staying Power

Inspiration and Staying Power

Saturday – what a grand day. First subject of my project got shot. By me. With a camera. Before you all run off to your local police stations and file missing persons reports. No actual triathletes were harmed in the first phase of this project. Well – not HUGELY harmed. I did make poor Lifestruck Stu ride up and down a couple of mean hills in 30 degree and upwards type temperatures, and them made him run in the middle of a road dodging trucks and cars.

So first up Stu – sorry if the Roodeplaat triathlon was affected in any way.

I’ll be posting up a full story and most of the images in the next couple of days – but in the meanwhile I had a few thoughts I wanted to jot down. So please check back for the final story.

I met Stu many years ago, and I’m giving away his age and feeling mine. He’s always been a charming character who was inclined to attract people, male and female to his circle, both social and professional. Yet he was one of those folks who if you looked a little deeper you got the distinct impression he was searching high and low for something.

We had a good catch up chat on Saturday and I’m happy to say not only has he finally found what he’s looking for, but he’s realised that innate ability to build close and meaningful relationships is the exact tool he has used to end his search. Stu has realised that his easy going nature and insight gained from his own personal search translate into an ability to inspire and give people simple steps to understand their own staying power. As a direct result of following his own dreams and his own personal intention Stu has birthed Lifestruck.

I am always inspired by those people who choose to follow their dreams. I’m sure each of those people have doubts and fears and questions, but I’m guessing the rub of it is realising that possibly none of it is as bad as choosing NOT to do something. Every action and decision truly is your own responsibility. That for me, and thank you Stu, truly struck a chord.

If you’re interested in chatting to Stu – go visit his website on http://www.lifestruck.tv/ and see where his journey has taken him so far.

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